Snack Bags

For The Whole Family

Snack Bags

Great alternative to plastic food storage bags! They are handmade, machine washable, reusable and lined with ProCare.

Wet Bags

Lightweight lined wet bag – perfect for the beach, diaper bag, pool, car and travel. Zipper pull makes it easy for little hands to open. Cotton Exterior and lined with PUL (TM). Easy to wash and dry – can be used over and over.

Walker Bags

Perfect for those who need the assistance of walkers. Able to ‘carry’ items wherever they go. Two large pockets on one side and a thinner and wider pocket on the other side. Stays in place with strong Velcro.

“Handmade one at a time with materials I trust
with my loved ones”

Easy to wash

Easy to dry


Made With Pro-Care Liner


Medical Grade Food Safe

Save Money -Reusable 

“Every minute, one garbage truck of plastic is dumped into our oceans.”

“8 million metric tons of plastic are thrown into the ocean annually.”

                       From the

My story of waste and inspiration:

Being a busy working mom with a family to take care of, it was easy to rationalize using products that made my life easier – but I hate waste. I come from a long line of conservationists in my family, so I was very aware of the harmful effects of plastic to our environment.
– I was using 3-5 “disposable” plastic bags a day in my food prep, snacks and lunches etc
– I felt guilty about it
– Paper was just impractical especially when wet
– I am naturally distrusting of products made in factories for my family

So I decided to research how I could make my own re-usable snack bags and lunch bags, along with a food safe liner that I could trust. After A LOT of trial and error I created my first snack bags for MY OWN family that I loved. At first I made only a few at a time mainly for my daughter’s lunches and snacks and ended up using them for everything. My family loved them and I was really happy about having something I could reuse that was also safe for my family. Because I handmade each one I was able to trust the material they were made with and how they were made – because “I” made them right on my kitchen table.

Friends and other moms I know started practically overwhelming me with requests to make them and so I started

And so it started and continues and I love it. I make them one at a time on my kitchen table with the best materials and a medical grade food safe liner – they’re double stitched so super durable. I literally love what I’m doing and I put care in each and every bag I make and love the process. My goal is to make reusable bags for the whole family that last and to do my part to decrease my carbon footprint. Well that’s my quick story! If you have any questions just reach out to me… or if you are bored and just want to chat I am always around.


“I cant tell you how much I love these bags, I use them on a daily basis, the quality is awesome and I just love getting away from plastic!”

Diane U.


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