Snack Bags

Great alternative to plastic food storage bags! They are handmade, machine washable, reusable and lined with ProCare.



  • Food safe
  • Pro Care liner
  • Machine washable
  • Double stitched

Wet Bags

Lightweight lined wet bag – perfect for the beach, diaper bag, pool, car and travel. Zipper pull makes it easy for little hands to open. Cotton Exterior and lined with PUL (TM). Easy to wash and dry – can be used over and over.



  • Lightweight lined wetbag
  • Perfect for the beach
  • Zipper pull for easy access
  • Cotton exterior¬†
  • Easy wash and dry

Walker Bags

Perfect for those who need the assistance of walkers. Able to ‘carry’ items wherever they go. Two large pockets on one side and a thinner and wider pocket on the other side. Stays in place with strong Velcro.

Make Up Bags

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